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Dead foxes in Cartwright Gardens

I was in Cartwright Gardens today and noticed two dead adult foxes. They were lying together, on a bank at the south end; there was no sign of disease or injury. It was one of the strangest sights I have seen in all the years I have lived here. if anyone has any idea as […]

Developments in Cartwright Gardens

Building work has progressed apace over the winter of 2015-16 and this may be the last chance for a look at the new accommodation block from across the square before the leaves come out on the large plane trees. Work to renovate the gardens is also afoot and they will benefit greatly from their refresh. […]

Cartwright Gardens redevelopment

When the University of London’s plans to redevelop their student halls along the east side of Cartwright Gardens ┬áreceived full planning permission, it included a commitment by the University to upgrade the gardens and make them fully accessible to the public from dawn until dusk, 364 days a year for the lifetime of their stay […]