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The Big Tree Debate at the Garden Museum

London conjures up images of streets lined with mature trees. Many of these trees are over 100 years old and will die by 2100. In light of this, The Garden Museum will be welcoming Johanna Gibbons (J&L Gibbons), Brita von Schoenaich (Bradley-Hole Schoenaich), and Ann Jazulet (Trees and Design Action Group) to debate big trees in […]

London Tree Week 24-31 May: Bloomsbury tree walk

London Tree Week will be celebrated in the Bloomsbury Squares by a walk to look at some of the splendid and unusual trees in our area. The Association of Bloomsbury Squares and Gardens, in association with Val Martin Memorial walks, will  offer a tree walk around the squares on Saturday 31 May at 2pm, meeting […]

London Tree Week 24-31 May 2014

London Tree Week is a week-long celebration of London’s leafiness. It provides an opportunity to celebrate, promote and explore the city’s trees and woodlands.  Londoners are encouraged to love, appreciate, understand, sit under, look at, decorate, water, prune, enjoy, smell, and (if necessary) hug the capital’s trees. London Tree Week 2014 will fall Saturday 24 – Saturday 31st […]